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November 19, 2011


Retail has become very messy.

It has become a myriad of discounts and ‘exclusive’ events, like the Friends and Family sale, flash sales, sales upon sales, upon sales. I’ve actually started to unsubscribe. The clutter is getting overwhelming, even for me- an inveterate web shopper.

Shoppers are having a field day, now that the entire universe of retail is like one big one-day sale. Want a new pair of pants? There’s a sale for that. New shoes? Wait for the sale. New camera or TV? Just wait for the deals. No one has to pay full price for anything anymore (except maybe orthodontia).

Which is why it is such a delight to see messages from retailers that actually say something. Some good old-fashioned, cogent brand-advertising; something that is actually worth the read. I got one of these today.

It’s an email from Brooks Brothers. What I like about it is that it’s not an in-your-face ‘buy our cashmere because it’s great quality’- pretty much what everyone says. Yes, of course, the ad explains why the cashmere is wonderful. But it draws you in with such a surprising headline, that you actually want to read on. The headline reads:

“The secret to your favorite cashmere sweater and your favorite scotch is the same. It’s in the water.”

It goes on to say,

“What will make our cashmere sweater your favorite? There’s no magic about it– it merely took generations of families on a special riverbank hundreds of years to perfect.”

Oh, is that all. Now they have me engaged. Generations of families? Hundreds of years? A riverbank? It’s starting to sound like an interesting story. Read on- I’ve included the entire email below. Let me know what you think.

Brooks Brothers email 11.19.11

Email from Brooks Brothers. Gets your attention in a way most don't anymore.

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  1. November 24, 2011

    Ok read the ad…. Many things come to mind. First I don’t know the exact details to make a cashmere sweater but I feel like they are trying to sell it like a “pill” for depression on TV. You get the feeling after reading like yes they maybe talking to you..,, so good job I guess. Then the part the bothers me the most is when they talk about the “men and women” who took part in the process…. Why does men always come before women, well it is a Brooks Brother Ad. The part about the water from the river being clean and clear is BS because we all know rivers are not clean and clear. I do appreciate that the quality of the sweater is checked individually….so it can be your FAV!!! I’m just thinking this ad executive is getting paid big bucks to use words to sell us there sweater that is probably made in a sweat shop so their profit margin is big! Lol


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